Birmingham escorts love to play with sex toys. They know just how much they enhance the fun. Sex without sex toys with an escort is deeply gratifying. The sensations are unlike those felt with other women because they are highly skilled and experienced. Their experience also means that they know how much more fun can be had when you incorporate toys.

Traditionally for women:

Sex toys were traditionally designed for use on women. Usually, women used them in private as many people felt uncomfortable knowing about them. As time has gone on, sex toys are now an accepted part of having fun in the bedroom. They are used by both men and women to augment the pleasure.

Great for foreplay:

They are a fun way to get things warmed up. Foreplay must have been far less interesting before sex toys came around. If you have never used a sex toy before with your partner. Then maybe it is time to start exploring life a bit more. Sex toys need no longer be an embarrassing subject. Although, if you think that your significant other might not be up for anything more than vanilla. Then you really need to give an escort a call. These girls love to play with sex toys. They can show you how much more exciting life can be between the sheets.

Explore new things:

We should never stop exploring and finding new and fun ways to enjoy ourselves. By using a professional service. You can master the skills of using sex toys and become a pro by the time you have your next date. Using a sex toy with a Birmingham escort will also serve to broaden your knowledge on the types of toys around.

Do you own sex toys?

Perhaps you have your own particular sex toys that you like to play with. All it takes is a quick phone call to our agency to find out when an escort is free. You can take your favourite toys along with you for your kinky play date. Do not feel embarrassed or shy if you have always fantasised about having anal sex toys used on you. These toys can provide extra stimulation and give so much carnal pleasure that you should give in to your urges and give it go. Your Birmingham escort will gently introduce you into a world of extreme pleasure like you have never thought existed. Lose you head and use sex toys with a Birmingham escort today!