At Lush Leeds escorts we know that our service has to be discreet. Our clients need someone they can trust who will make us feel comfortable and confident when we are out together. A lot of people are very shy around other men and it’s important that we make them feel at ease while out with us. Although Foxy Girls offers some VIP services, we aim to make sure that any customer feels welcome at our offices in Leeds. That’s why we make sure that every single client is given the personal attention they deserve.

If you are in need of a mature lady with good morals, then looking for the right escort agency in Leeds is probably the right thing for you. For many years escort services in Leeds have been serving customers who are interested in mature ladies for different reasons. Many people may want to get to know someone with a bit more experience before they commit themselves. For others it may be just a surprise that sparks their interest.

Some people might be apprehensive about dealing with an escort agency based in Leeds because they do not want to be too “open”. Foxy women is the oldest high class most discreet Leeds escort agency around. Providing hand picked discreet women, all who provide that alluring, sexy mature woman appeal. However, unlike so many other agencies in Leeds, escort ladies at Foxy Girls have more than just that appealing looks.

The VIP escort jobs at Foxy Girls are designed to give our clients the complete support and service they expect. We are happy to tell you though, that we have a number of male customers as well who prefer to take their dates to our private luxury saloons that are located in Leeds city centre. Although we do make sure to keep our male clients at arm’s length at all times, our strict business policies do not allow us to screen our customers. However, we will of course record all details of our discreet meetings. This includes the colour of their skin, whether they smoke or not, and any information about their jobs or hobbies. All this information is kept strictly confidential and will never be used against any customer in the future.

Every single detail of the VIP escorts is monitored and recorded. This includes not only the way they behave when with customers but how they react when they are being escorted away from the premises. This is essential if you want to make sure that you are putting your money’s worth with any VIP escort jobs.

One of the most popular parts of the VIP escort work in Yorkshire is that of hen parties. Most of the big girls at Foxy Girls are always willing to organise these fun nights for their charges. They will dress up in all the right costumes, and even hire a DJ to play a selection of music. The best part is that the hen-night usually starts early in the morning so that everyone can get to be at the party starting late in the afternoon! This is another reason why people love to work at an escort agency – they get to have a lot of fun while making a living.

If you are considering making money out of one of these “elite escorts”, then it is vital that you learn how to get the best deals. For example, if you were planning on hiring a vehicle and a driver to take you around, you would need to find a good, reliable supplier who could provide the vehicle and the drivers. If you wanted a discreet vehicle, then you would also need to find a supplier who specialized in discreet vehicles. You should also be able to arrange for your drinks to be served in private. The list of services and charges associated with being an exotic VIP escort is endless, but fortunately there are solutions that exist.

There are numerous online sources for good suppliers of all the above. You can also try talking to fellow expats and find out where they got their special leeds escort jobs. If you still have no luck finding what you want, then you can always start your own business. A successful business will have its own unique set of requirements and it is very easy to put together. Starting a hen-night or escort agency will require some capital. But, if you plan on turning a profit, then the investment will pay off many times over!